About Us


AA Machine was founded in 1994 by our Current Owners Al Boone and Alvin Cecil. A leader in manufacturing AA Machine has experience in delivering service and quality second to none. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has given us a reputation for high quality and reliability.


At AA Machine our mission is to deliver a high quality part at a fair price with exceptional customer service. AA Machine is always looking for better processes and design changes to improve part cost , but not jeopardizing quality and durability


AA Machine is a Machine Shop that does custom designs and machine work for the manufacturing industry. It also specializes in the manufacturing of a Newly Designed Rotary Tablet Press that improves the cost process of manufacturing tablets

Our Commitment

We are commited to our customers to deliver quality and service. We know that in the manufacturing enviroment emergency repairs and replacement parts are essential from time to time to keep the process on the move with minimal downtime. AA Machine will be there when that need arrives.