Products & Services

Rotary Tablet Press

ROTA-TAB MSP SERIES ROTARY TABLET PRESS The ROTA-TAB MSP Series is a manually controlled, single-sided, pre-compression press using IPT B, BB, and D-type tooling. Centrally located handwheel adjustments and control panels allows ease of operation. An AC inverter drive provides push-button speed adjustments, with a programmable locked-out jog speed and …Read more

Machine Shop

A.A. Machine Inc. is housed in a 10,000 square foot climate controlled building and is engaged in the following machine shop Services: 1. Specializing in the manufacturing of helical, worm, and spur gears. 2. C.N.C Machining. 3. Rebuilding of machines and repair. 4. Manufacturing of replacement parts from blueprints and/or samples. 5. Prototype work, tooling, jigs, and fixturing. 6. Welding and fabrication 7. Specialty Machines. The following detail …Read more